Wajir Gubernatorial Debate (WGD) held this morning at the ICT hall, Wajir town.

Out of the 7 candidates who showed up , only he was only one that has a good heart for Wajir and ready to make WAJEER GREAT according to intense words
Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali was Elected as Wajir County Senator on 8th August, 2017 Kenya General Elections 2017. He belongs to the Jubilee party.
Having served as Wajir North MP for 10 years, Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) commissioner for five years, and Senator for five years, he has the necessary experience and know-how to run the county,” as we all know.

In his 25yrs in national politics Dr kabreta has never been implicated in any corruption scandal, he is a reliable, capable, available, humble and honest. He received the phone calls not like the other politicians who ignore the call’s from there people.
I have fully watched the WAJIR GUBERNATORIAL DEBATE.

For those who are not in the wajir Gubernatorial Debate
You are not fit to be the Governor of wajir County

Rated 10/10 as far as the Wajir gubernatorial debate is concerned.

The only candidate who has demonstrated he has clear plans to take wajir to greater heights & bring normalcy back to county 008.

Vote for Change ✅
Vote for Dr kabreta ✅

Highest Rated for to come wajir Governor Aug 2022. Kenya election

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